The elements of the container conveyor systems by the company SRK have a very high stability and can be extended at any time due to their simple frame structure.

In this field our delivery programme comprises driveless roller conveyors for containers, ball tables (manual turning units) and lifting tables.

All elements adjustable in height are manufactured out of zinc coated (galvanized) steel plates, the lengths of which are determined by the manufacturer. They only have to be connected and fixed to one another at the erection place.

The walking way of the roller conveyors for containers is manufactured out of nonskid profiled steel sheets to ensure a stable working position of the airport staff in charge.

Accessories like limit stops, lateral guidances (depending on the container), bump protectors etc. are available.

Ratings roller conveyor for containers:
Suitable container types: LD1, LD3, LD8, AK-0,7, AK-0,725, AK-1,5
Overall width: 1,590 mm
Working width: 1,520 mm
Standard length per element: 1,980 mm (other lengths depending on system's surroundings)
Standard height: 508 mm, upper edge roller
Roller diameter: 70 mm
Roller pitch: 330 mm
Roller width between the supporting profiles: 365 mm
Working load: approx. 1,000 kg/running meter

Roller ball tables for containers are used as turning units in a container conveyor line. Thus e.g. it is possible to transport empty containers into the sorting area of the airport for loading only via one line and to bring them out of the sorting area by the same way after having been loaded by the airport staff.

Ratings roller ball table:
Suitable container types: LD1, LD3, LD8, AK-0,7, AK-0,725, AK-1,5
Overall width: 2,000 x 2,000 mm
Standard height: 508 mm, upper edge ball caster
Roller type: ball caster Æ 55 / 36, zinc coated (or stainless steel)
Working load: approx. 2,500 kg



Example: Container turning unit in the sorting area of the Arrival system of Nizhnevartovsk Airport / Russia

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