The vertical belt diverters (pushers) by SRK are used for smoothly removing baggage out of the standard baggage stream, e. g. baggage that has been conveyed through the X-ray device integrated in the baggage conveyor system and has there has been evaluated being suspicious, or baggage which has to be transported to a baggage storing place. After the message of the control unit (fully automatic or manual) to the diverter "swing out" the vertical belt on the swivel arm starts movement, and the swivel arm directly swings out 45°. Arriving baggage runs against the belt running in conveying direction and that way is diverted to the following conveying belt. The slewing range is controlled by photoelectric barriers in order to prevent an accidental collision with pieces of baggage.

The vertical belt diverter is installed parallelly to the conveyor equipment in the side guidances to let pieces of baggage, that are not to be diverted, pass unhindered.

The swivel arm length of the SRK-belt diverters can be adapted to the belt conveying equipment to be installed. The swivel arm is made out of solid but light aluminium profiles.

Two separate motors with a slip-on gear mechanism ensure a reliable functioning of the slewing drive and the drive of the baggage conveying system.

The strong steel foot construction ensures a firm position. According to the surroundings of the system the fixtures can also be made on a separate steel construction.

Ratings SRK-Vertical belt diverter
Drive swivel arm: flat geared motor P = 1.1 kW
Drive belt conveyor: shaft mounted helical-bevel-geared motor P = 0.75 kW
Conveying speed: approx. 0.9 m/sec
Slewing speed: approx. 1.2 sec.
Slewing angle: 45°
Belt width of swivel arm: 350 mm


Example: Vertical belt diverter for suspicious baggage after the X-ray device.

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